Is the analysis 100% accurate?

The algorithm is quite accurate; it was tested extensively. It is, however, sensitive to lighting conditions. Please follow the instructions in the "Check your type".

section. It is best to try several times in various places and lighting conditions, and see which season comes most frequently.

Each time I try to determine my type, I get a different result. Why?

Most likely, this is caused by lighting - you need to choose the photo in which the colors look most natural for you.

The color of the eyes looks too dark

It is not easy to take a photo that shows the color of your eyes; you may need to experiment with various light conditions.

Can I save the photo and my color palette?

You can save the results screen. You can also send it to someone or post it on social media. Use the standard "share" button in the upper right corner of the results screen.

How is my privacy protected? Will my photo be sent anywhere by the app?

You can post the photo and the results to social media, you can email it, or send it using Apple messaging system or SMS to anyone you choose - directly from the app, using the standard iOS/iPadOS sharing feature. The app will not send photos or any data to any other server, service or person. All processing is done on your device only.