This function allows you to check if colors of an item match your seasonal palette. In other words, the app will attempt to determine if these colors are likely to suit you.

You can check the following:

- any items that you are looking at online, in any store, fashion website, etc.,

- any items that you physically have - by taking a photo,

- any items you can get a photo of - by uploading from your library or copying and pasting into the app.

A good use of this feature would be to check the colors of an item you want to buy online, but you are unsure about the colors. It can help you choose the right colors, and save time and money - you can avoid ordering items only to return them later. And, of course, it can save you embarrassment, help impress everyone around you, and make you feel good about how you look.

Of course, you can use it to check colors of anything - paint for the walls, make-up, a new car, flowers of a plant, a pet... and so on.

Here is how to do it:

1. Find out your type if you have not done it yet.

2. From the main menu, select the third button - "Check if the color(s) match". Please note that this option will become available only after determining your color type.

You can copy and paste a photo from another app if it allows copying.

Alternatively: some iOS/iPadOS apps allow you to share the content with Choos! For example, you can open a photo in your Photos library and send it to Choos! using the share button. You may need to enable this destination first ("more" button in the iOS/iPadOS share menu).

This sharing function may be disabled for some websites and online stores. Also, some versions of iOS/iPadOS provide variable support. Do not worry - the app has a built-in workaround - it will open the website on a new screen and then take a screenshot. Adjust the view appropriately (pan, zoom, close any pop-ups, etc.)

Or take a screenshot manually, and you can send it directly to Choos!

3. The familiar color selector screen will open. Select up to three colors, exactly in the same way as you did when determining your type. The only difference is that the red selector square window will have the same size for each color you choose.

​Once you are happy with the colors selected, tap the "next" button.

4. You will see the results on the next screen. The app will tell you if each color appears to be a good match, or if you should avoid it.

It can determine some colors as neither good nor bad for you, but this is rare.